Xavi Hernández will not be continuing as the coach of Barcelona after this season, citing a lack of respect and mental fatigue. The decision came right after Barcelona’s loss to Villarreal, which left the team 10 points behind Real Madrid in the Spanish league.

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Xavi revealed his decision shortly after the disappointing defeat, stating, “I would like to announce that on June 30 I will cease being the coach of Barça.” He expressed his concern for the team’s performance and the need for a change in dynamics. Xavi made it clear that he had made the decision several days prior to the announcement, and he hopes that stepping down will alleviate the stress and tension the team is experiencing.

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The 44-year-old former Barcelona midfielder returned to the club as a coach in November 2021. His tenure with the team saw a victory in the Spanish Super Cup and the Spanish league title last season. However, the team has faced significant challenges and setbacks in the current season, with early exits from the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup.

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Xavi emphasized that the feeling of being the coach of Barcelona has been unpleasant, and the lack of respect has taken a toll on his mental health and emotions. Despite these challenges, he remains motivated to lead the team as they prepare to face Napoli in the Champions League round of 16 next month.

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Xavi’s departure from Barcelona marks the end of a chapter for the club, and the search for a new coach will undoubtedly be a priority for the team as they navigate this transition period.

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– Xavi Hernández will not continue as Barcelona’s coach after this season
– He made the decision several days ago and announced it on Saturday after Barcelona lost to Villarreal
– Xavi hopes his decision will decrease the stress and tension his team is enduring
– He returned to Barcelona as the coach in November 2021 and has a contract through the end of next season
– Barcelona has struggled this season and lost in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals
– Xavi is still motivated to lead the team in the Champions League round of 16 next month

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