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The latest installment of Gladiators has sparked controversy and criticism, particularly aimed at Bradley Walsh’s son, Barney, who co-hosted the show. Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment, with some accusing Barney of benefiting from nepotism due to his father’s fame. While some were more measured, suggesting that they would prefer to see Bradley Walsh alone or even someone else as a presenter, others humorously remarked that Barney seemed out of place as a host. Despite the negative feedback, some fans defended the show and commended the new series of Gladiators. Additionally, the show also saw some on-screen controversy when contestant Viper received a formal warning from the referee.

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Summery :

– Bradley Walsh’s son Barney received criticism for his co-hosting of the BBC’s Gladiators revival
– Some fans accused him of benefiting from nepotism due to his father’s fame
– Fans suggested other presenters like Rochelle Humes would be better suited for the role
– There were also positive comments defending the show host and praising the new series of Gladiators
– The show also had a controversy with contestant Viper receiving a formal warning for pushing his opponent before the game had begun

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