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After a recent death hoax, rumors spread that presenter Bradley Walsh had passed away. However, this has since been confirmed to only be an internet rumor. The only reason “Bradley Walsh dead” is trending is because he was a victim of a death hoax. The cruel hoax started with a fake post on TikTok claiming that Walsh had died, accompanied by a video and a fabricated BBC-style graphic. Shayan Sardarizadeh, a journalist at BBC Verify, confirmed this as false. Walsh is still alive, and known for presenting shows like The Chase and Gladiators, as well as appearing in popular TV series such as Doctor Who.

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Summery :

– Bradley Walsh is a beloved presenter and entertainer
– There was a recent death hoax claiming he had passed away
– The hoax was confirmed to be false, and he is still alive
– The hoax started with a fake BBC News account on TikTok
– Bradley Walsh is a presenter, comedian, and actor, known for shows like The Chase and Gladiators
– He has also appeared in Coronation Street and Doctor Who

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