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The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films recently announced that Keanu Reeves will be honored with the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the 51st Saturn Awards. The entire event will be dedicated to the memory of the late Reddick, who passed away at the age of 60 in March 2023.

Reeves and Reddick were close friends and starred together in the popular “John Wick” action-thriller franchise. Reddick portrayed the character Charon, the concierge at the Continental hotel, while Reeves played the titular hitman. The Academy president and Saturn producers expressed their excitement for honoring Reeves with this award, highlighting his diverse roles in science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, and praising his humility and gratitude throughout his career.

The statement also mentioned Reddick’s passing before the release of the latest “John Wick” film, which has been dedicated to his memory. The film, “John Wick: Chapter 4,” received critical acclaim and is currently nominated for a SAG award for best performance by a stunt ensemble.

The 51st Saturn Awards will be held on February 4th and will be hosted by Joel McHale. The ceremony will be streamed live on ElectricNow.

This award serves as a testament to Reeves’ talent and character as he is celebrated for his contributions to the film industry and his friendship with the late Lance Reddick. The honor recognizes Reeves not only as a Hollywood icon but also as a shining example of humility and gratitude, paying tribute to his enduring impact on the genre.

News Summery :

– Keanu Reeves will receive the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the 51st Saturn Awards, which will be dedicated to Reddick’s memory
– Reeves and Reddick were friends and co-stars in the “John Wick” franchise
– Reeves is being honored for his talent and character, as well as his contributions to science fiction, fantasy, and horror films
– The 51st Saturn Awards will take place on Feb. 4 and will be hosted by Joel McHale, with the ceremony streaming live on ElectricNow


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