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Carey Mulligan recently shared details about the convincing makeup used in the film Maestro to make her look older. The Saltburn star is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show alongside her co-star Bradley Cooper. The Netflix film received positive reviews and has gathered an impressive seven Oscar nominations. Though there was some controversy surrounding the film’s prosthetic nose, Bradley Cooper was later defended by the Anti-Defamation League and Leonard Bernstein’s estate. The Graham Norton Show will air on Friday night at 10:50 pm on BBC One. This will be a great opportunity to gain more insight into Carey Mulligan’s experiences on set and with her co-star.

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Summery :

– Carey Mulligan describes the convincing makeup used to make her look older in Maestro
– Bradley Cooper also had to age in the film and was impressed by the makeup
– Mulligan fell ill during filming and was amazed by how convincing her makeup was
– Maestro received positive reviews and scored seven Oscar nominations
– Some controversy over Bradley Cooper’s prosthetic nose in the film was later defended by the Anti-Defamation League and Leonard Bernstein’s estate
– Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper will be guests on The Graham Norton Show

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