The Los Angeles Lakers are at a crossroads with less than two weeks until the NBA trade deadline on February 8th. They are currently 23-23 for the season and need to make some strategic decisions before the trade window closes. The Lakers are facing a daunting six-game trip ahead and the big question is whether they will make any moves before the deadline.

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One of the key players discussed in potential trade scenarios is D’Angelo Russell, with questions being raised about his future with the Lakers. According to Luke Walton from the, there is a significant interest from the Lakers in Atlanta’s Dejounte Murray. Trade talks have been ongoing and potential deals involving Russell and Murray are being carefully considered. The Lakers believe that acquiring Murray could provide similar offensive production to Russell, while also offering superior defense and athleticism.

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Austin Reaves is another player who has sparked interest in potential trade discussions. The Lakers are reportedly very reluctant to part ways with Reaves, as they believe he is a valuable asset and vital to their future plans. He has been performing well and has a favorable contract that makes him an appealing prospect for the Lakers.

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The Lakers are also trying to address their need for an improved wing play. They recognize the significance of bolstering their wing position, and discussions also in the works for players like Malcolm Brogdon, Tyus Jones, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and Royce O’Neale.

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In addition, the Lakers have been exploring other potential trades, although the specifics of these deals have not been widely discussed in the public domain. They are actively looking to elevate their postseason potential with strategic acquisitions and looking at various options to improve their overall roster.

Finally, questions have emerged about the future of Lakers’ coach Darvin Ham, with some wondering if the team will consider a change in coaching staff. However, it has been indicated that the Lakers’ management is backing Ham and has faith in his ability to lead the team.

In conclusion, the Lakers are actively engaging in trade discussions and evaluating multiple scenarios to strengthen their roster as they head towards the upcoming trade deadline. The decisions they make in the next couple of weeks could have a significant impact on their prospects for the rest of the season and beyond.

Summery :

– Lakers won against the Chicago Bulls with a 141-132 win at Arena
– Lakers are 23-23 and are facing a daunting six-game trip
– They have been in talks with Atlanta for Dejounte Murray, who is their top priority on the trade market
– D’Angelo Russell’s recent play has affected his trade value, but the Lakers still value Austin Reaves more
– The likelihood of Russell being traded by the deadline is around 40%
– The Lakers are prioritizing guard targets in trades, even though wing play seems to be a more glaring weakness
– There is a possibility of under-the-radar deals being made by the Lakers
– Darvin Ham is likely to remain as the Lakers’ head coach for the rest of the season, but his future will depend on how the team performs at the end of the season

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