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Australia’s Perth Sevens campaign has captured the rugby-loving fans’ attention after a stunning start. However, the men’s team faced a heartbreaking loss to the United States, despite leading 14-0 in their game. Perry Baker’s incredible performance led to two late tries, resulting in a golden point loss for Australia. The pressure is high for the team as they gear up for their upcoming pool match against Great Britain.

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Amidst the turmoil, Australia’s women’s team had a fantastic start to their campaign, defeating South Africa 31-0 in their first game. Bienne Terita scored a double, and the team’s performance level remained consistent with their previous tournament wins in Dubai and Cape Town. The women’s team acknowledged the significance of pressure, especially after finishing fifth in the last Sydney Sevens. Despite the pressure, the team is focused on maintaining their performance bubble and concentrating on their games.

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The men’s team is eager to bounce back from their disappointing defeat and is determined to give their all in the upcoming match against Great Britain. The Australian fans are hopeful and excited about the remainder of the tournament, supporting both the men’s and women’s teams in their endeavors. As the action unfolds in the Perth Sevens, the athletes are motivated to bring their best to the games and make their country proud. It will be thrilling to see how the rest of the tournament unfolds for both Australian teams.

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