Jannik Sinner Reveals How Novak Djokovic Shot Himself in the Foot with Three-Year-Old Advice in Australian Open Loss

The recent Australian Open saw a surprising turn of events as Jannik Sinner secured a historic win against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final. Sinner’s victory not only stunned the crowd at the Rod Laver Arena but also marked Djokovic’s first Australian Open defeat since 2018. The Italian player dominated the court with a 6-1 6-2 6-7(6) 6-3 win, propelling him to his first-ever Grand Slam final.

During the post-match interview with Jim Courier, Sinner revealed an interesting anecdote about his encounter with Djokovic. He disclosed that his coach had sought advice from Djokovic a few years prior, to which Djokovic, being a great sportsman, willingly provided tips to improve Sinner’s game.

Reflecting on his match strategy, Sinner acknowledged Djokovic’s role in his development as a player. He mentioned practicing with Djokovic in Monaco at a young age and emphasized the importance of learning from the best players in the world.

The Italian player’s victory against Djokovic adds to his successful track record against the tennis legend. Sinner highlighted his playing style’s similarity to Djokovic’s and commended the Serbian’s incredible skills.

Sinner’s win not only halted Djokovic’s winning streak at the Rod Laver Arena but also demonstrated the 22-year-old’s significant growth and potential in the world of tennis.

In essence, Sinner’s victory over Djokovic served as a testament to his determination and continuous improvement as a player, showcasing immense promise for his future in the sport.

News Highlight :

– Jannik Sinner stunned the crowd and Novak Djokovic by beating the World No. 1 in the Australian Open semi-final
– This was Sinner’s first Grand Slam final and he will face the winner of the other semi-final
– Djokovic had given Sinner advice in the past, showing he is a great sportsman
– Sinner’s win was his third in his last four meetings with Djokovic
– Sinner has a similar playing style to Djokovic’s and broke his service twice in each of the first two sets


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