Novak Djokovic experienced a shocking defeat in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, marking the end of his winning streak in the tournament after 2195 days. Italian player Jannik Sinner triumphed over Djokovic in a stunning four-set match, booking a spot in his first grand slam final. The match was especially notable because it was the only completed grand slam match of Djokovic’s career in which he did not generate a break point on his opponent’s serve.

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Djokovic, a 10-time champion at the Australian Open, admitted that it was one of the worst performances of his career. He was quoted saying, “I guess this is one of the worst Grand Slam matches I’ve ever played. At least that I remember.” Despite the loss, Djokovic expressed his admiration for Sinner’s performance and credited him for outplaying him in every aspect of the game.

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Reflecting on the end of his winning streak, Djokovic acknowledged that it was inevitable and emphasized that he gave his all in the match. Looking towards the future, he also expressed a desire to return to Melbourne Park and play in the tournament once again.

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While Djokovic’s defeat signals the end of an era at the Australian Open, the world number one remains optimistic about his future in the sport. He reassured fans and critics that he does not believe that this loss is “the beginning of the end” for him, and he is determined to continue playing at the top of his game.

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It will be interesting to see how Djokovic bounces back from this loss and what lies ahead for him in his career as he continues to pursue his 25th grand slam singles title and beyond.

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