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A former employee of World Wrestling Entertainment has sued Vince McMahon, alleging physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking in a federal court. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Connecticut, claims that McMahon, along with another W.W.E. executive, John Laurinaitis, sexually exploited and trafficked the former employee, Janel Grant, between 2019 and 2022. The company itself is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

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The suit alleges that McMahon has pressured Grant into signing a nondisclosure agreement and offered her $3 million in exchange for not discussing their relationship, which the suit seeks to void along with seeking punitive damages and legal fees.

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Grant’s complaint includes detailed descriptions of abuse and exploitation, including instances where McMahon, 78, pressured her into exchanging sex for a promised high-ranking position within the company and took nude photos and videos of her to intimidate her into silence.

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The lawsuit also claims that the abuse continued even after the signing of the nondisclosure agreement, mentioning McMahon’s business negotiations involving another wrestler to include Grant as “part of the deal.”

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The lawsuit states that Grant has suffered debilitating post-traumatic stress and suicidal thoughts as a result of the abuse and has since lost her job due to lingering trauma.

The legal action calls into question the credibility of the investigation conducted by a special committee of W.W.E.’s board of directors into McMahon’s conduct, which concluded with McMahon temporarily resigning from the company. No criminal charges have been filed against McMahon, but federal investigators have subpoenaed him and documents from the company. McMahon has denied any intentional wrongdoing and has agreed to reimburse the company for the cost of the investigation.

Summery :

– A former employee of World Wrestling Entertainment filed a federal lawsuit against Vince McMahon, accusing him of sexual and psychological abuse, threats, and sex trafficking from 2019 to 2022.
– The lawsuit alleges that McMahon exploited and attacked the victim, Janel Grant, with a $3 million settlement agreement, filmed their sex acts, and pressured her to have sex with others.
– The victim was forced to leave her job and has suffered from severe stress and thoughts of suicide due to the abuse.
– The lawsuit also raises questions about a special committee’s 2022 investigation into McMahon’s conduct, during which they allegedly never interviewed the victim, prompting allegations that it was a “sham.”
– McMahon temporarily resigned from W.W.E. during the investigation but later returned and negotiated a sale of the company to Endeavor Group, retaining 28 million shares in T.K.O. Group.

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