The Gyanvapi mosque case has recently taken a new turn, with eleven people applying for copies of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report. Lawyers representing the Hindu side are optimistic about their chances, given a potential clarification of the Shivling-fountain debate. The Varanasi court’s request for the ASI report to be made public and for hard copies to be provided to both sides has sparked renewed interest in the case.

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According to advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, the ASI has found evidence of a large Hindu temple existing before the construction of the current mosque structure. This finding, if confirmed in the ASI report, could sway the case in favor of the Hindu litigants. The key point of contention is a structure located in the premises next to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. While the Hindu side claims it is a Shivling, the Muslim side insists it is a fountain.

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The sealed ‘Wazu’ area, which contains the disputed structure, was initially ordered to be sealed by the Supreme Court in 2022. The ASI’s scientific survey of the Gyanvapi premises, following a district court order, sought to determine whether the mosque was built over a pre-existing Hindu temple structure.

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With the ASI survey report now being made public and copies being provided to both sides, the Gyanvapi mosque case is set to progress further. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow an application by women Hindu petitioners for the cleaning of the ‘wazukhana’ area also reflects the case’s significance. As the dispute over the Gyanvapi mosque complex continues, it remains a focal point for both Hindu and Muslim litigants involved in this long-standing legal battle.

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News Highlight :

– The Gyanvapi mosque case had taken a new turn with attorneys representing the Hindu side insisting on receiving copies of the ASI report, as they believe it will bring them closer to victory.
– The conflict between the Hindu and Muslim sides centers around a structure found on the mosque premises during a court-mandated survey, with the Hindu side claiming it is a Shivling and the Muslim side calling it a fountain.
– The ASI survey report is expected to provide clarity on whether the mosque was constructed over a pre-existing Hindu temple.
– In January, the Supreme Court had allowed a petition to clean the area where the structure was found.
– Eleven people, including from both sides, applied for copies of the ASI survey report.
– The Varanasi district court ruled that the ASI survey report on the Gyanavapi mosque complex will be given to both the Hindu and Muslim sides.

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