Australian model Jesinta Franklin has taken a stand against Australia Day, denouncing it as a celebration of colonisation. The wife of Indigenous Sydney Swans player Buddy Franklin shared her views on Instagram, where she spread awareness about the controversial holiday.

In her Instagram stories, Franklin crossed out the words ‘Australia Day’ and replaced them with ‘Invasion Day,’ a term used by many Indigenous Australians to describe January 26. She also shared a post urging people to learn about the proper place names of the land they live on and immerse themselves in Indigenous culture by attending related events.

This is not the first time Franklin has spoken out against Australia Day. She has been an outspoken critic of the holiday for many years, using her social media platform to educate her followers about the painful history behind January 26.

The controversy surrounding Australia Day stems from its historical significance as the anniversary of British settlement in 1788. While some continue to view it as a day of national pride and celebration, others see it as a painful reminder of the discrimination and dispossession suffered by Indigenous peoples.

The growing criticism of Australia Day has sparked debates about changing the date of the national holiday. Franklin’s advocacy has contributed to the ongoing discussion about the cultural significance and historical implications of the day.

By using her platform to raise awareness, Franklin has amplified the voices of those challenging the traditional narratives of Australia Day, prompting important conversations about the country’s colonial history and the experiences of Indigenous Australians.

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