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Today, January 25, celebrates Burns Night, honoring the birth of Scottish poet, Rabbie Burns, who preferred writing in Scots rather than English. Born in 1759 in Alloway, Ayrshire, his birthday is celebrated with a Burns Night supper, featuring rituals and traditional dishes. Haggis, consisting of minced sheep offal and oatmeal, is a staple at the supper, accompanied by “tatties and neeps” (mashed potatoes and turnips). The celebration also includes the recitation of Burns’ poem, ‘Address to a Haggis,’ and a tot of whiskey, the ‘water of life.’ The night concludes with a dessert of cranachan, a mix of raspberries, oatmeal, and whiskey.

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Summery :

– Today is Burns Night, celebrating the birthday of Rabbie Burns
– Traditional celebration includes a special Burns Night supper
– Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep offal and served with mashed potatoes and turnips
– It is a tradition to recite the poem Address to a Haggis before eating haggis
– Whiskey and cranachan are often part of the Burns Night supper celebrations

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