A preliminary 4.2-magnitude earthquake struck near San Bernardino, California Wednesday night. It occurred at about 7:43 p.m., approximately 1.87 miles away from the Inland Empire city, with a depth of about 9.63 miles. Dr. Lucy Jones, known as the public voice of earthquake safety in California, stated that the epicenter was close to the San Jacinto fault. She also added that another quake had previously happened on the same fault, but they did not seem to have an obvious correlation.

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The earthquake was described by Dr. Lucy Jones in a tweet as a M4.2 quake located 2 miles SW of San Bernardino. The location was considered relatively deep (15 km) and very close to the locked portion of the San Jacinto fault. Such small quakes are common below locked segments. Despite the earthquake, there were no initial reports of damage in the area.

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Matthew Rodriguez, a digital producer at kcalnews.com, reported the news. He has previously worked with local outlets like the Argonaut and Pasadena Weekly, and typically covers breaking news and crime. The initial report is based on information provided by CBS News Los Angeles.

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As seismic activities are common in California, monitoring and reporting on such events becomes crucial. Earthquake experts like Dr. Lucy Jones play a vital role in providing important information to the public regarding the impact and potential risks associated with such seismic events. It is important for residents to stay informed about safety measures and emergency protocols to follow in the event of an earthquake.

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Summery :

– A 4.2-magnitude earthquake struck near San Bernardino, California
– The quake had a depth of about 9.63 miles and was close to the San Jacinto fault
– Dr. Lucy Jones, a public voice of earthquake safety, commented on the event
– There were no initial reports of damage

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