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Reading Football Club secured a crucial victory against Derby County, adding three valuable points to their tally. The goal by Paul Mukairu in the second half was a determining factor in their success. Despite remaining in 21st place, the team is inching closer to safety and has ignited the relegation battle. Manager Ruben Selles commended his team’s performance, expressing pride in their ability to compete and handle pressure. He also addressed the recent points deduction, believing the decision was fair. Selles strategically made substitutions to preserve the team’s energy and secure the win, highlighting the importance of squad depth in achieving their goals.

Summery :

– The Royals won against Derby County, picking up three points.
– Despite the win, they remain in 21st place and are four points from safety.
– Ruben Selles, the manager, is doing an incredible job in difficult circumstances.
– Selles is proud of the team’s performance and is focused on building momentum for the next game.
– The club received a suspended points deduction, which Selles believes is fair.
– Selles explains the reasoning behind the substitutions made during the game.

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