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Premier Foods’ Batchelors has launched an exciting promotion in collaboration with Unitas and Bestway to support independent retailers in the UK. The promotion offers retailers the chance to win a film night bundle, including a portable projector, a £100 online retailer gift card, and a £50 online takeaway voucher. This promotion is part of their effort to promote the release of the new Aquaman and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the retail channel.

Kate Yateman-Smith, brand director for quick meals, soups, and snacks at Premier Foods, expressed her excitement about the collaboration with DC and Warner Bros. Discovery and their dedication to supporting their retail partners. The promotion is open to independent retailers who are members of Unitas and Bestway, and participating retailers need to buy three cases of eligible Batchelors products within a specific time frame to enter.

This promotion is a great opportunity for independent retailers to not only win exciting prizes but also to strengthen their partnership with Batchelors, Unitas, and Bestway. Retailers can find more details and the full terms and conditions on the Batchelors website.

News Summery :

– Batchelors has launched an exclusive promotion for Unitas’ UK customers and Bestway’s GB customers
– Independent retailers have the chance to win a film night bundle including a portable projector, gift card, and takeaway voucher
– The promotion is being supported by POS displays in wholesale depots
– The promotion is open to Unitas and Bestway members who purchase three cases of eligible Batchelors products
– The promotion is aimed at promoting the release of the new Aquaman movie and supporting retail partners.

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