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David Beckham indulged in the Galician delicacy percebes while dining at one of Barcelona’s top seafood eateries. Percebes is an extravagant and rare seafood delicacy known to be the most expensive. The price tag for this rare dish can cost up to £400 per lb. Percebes, also known as gooseneck barnacles, is highly sought after due to its scarcity and the difficulty and danger involved in harvesting them. Despite the hefty price tag, percebes don’t have the most appetising exterior, with some comparing them to dragon claws and dinosaur toes. David Beckham, being worth around £350 million, enjoys tucking into these delicacies when in Spain, and tapped into his love for them on social media.

Summery :

– David Beckham shared his love of percebes, which are seafood, on his Instagram Story
– Percebes are known as the world’s most expensive seafood, costing £80 for a portion of 15 to 20 percebes
– David was dining at Botafumeiro, a top seafood restaurant in Barcelona, and was served food by the manager
– Despite being pricey, percebes don’t have an appetizing exterior and are difficult to retrieve
– David is worth around £350 million, and doesn’t have a problem with the hefty prices at the restaurant
– David has previously shared images of unusual meals on social media, including a homemade plate of gammon, egg, pineapple, coleslaw, beans, and peas
– David shares a love of food and cooking with his son, Brooklyn, who is launching a collaboration with UberEats
– Although Nicola, Brooklyn’s wife, reportedly can’t cook, Brooklyn preps meals for her like his dad taught him to
– Brooklyn learned his love of cooking from his dad and says it’s something he enjoys doing with his siblings

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