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News in Points:

– The University of Toronto community and film fans are mourning the death of filmmaker Norman Jewison, an alumnus of the university.
– He received accolades and awards for his artistic vision, challenging the status quo and bringing humanity to his work
– Jewison was a member of Victoria College, where he later served as the Chancellor, and also received an honorary doctorate.
– There are various programs and fellowships named in his honor in the university.
– The university holds a large collection of Jewison’s photographs, publicity materials, papers, and scripts for his films.
– As a student, Jewison was involved in various theatrical productions at the university.
– A biography about Jewison was written by the director of academic programs at Victoria College in 2021, where it’s noted that Jewison was committed to social conscience and the integrity of film.
– His support for Canadian talent and students at the University of Toronto will continue to inspire future generations.

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