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Kim Williams, a former chief executive of News Corp Australia, has been announced as the replacement for Ita Buttrose as the chair of the ABC, announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Buttrose, who last year announced that she would not seek a second term, will finish her role in March. Albanese described Williams as the perfect fit for the role, stating that the national broadcaster requires the right leadership.

Williams, a well-experienced media executive who has previously held leadership positions at notable organizations such as the Sydney Opera House Trust, the Australian Film Commission, and Musica Viva Australia, has also served as an executive at the ABC. With a lifetime experience in media, Williams aims to lead the ABC with calm, authoritative leadership, addressing the challenges the organization is currently facing. His appointment is seen as a crucial move, given the recent challenges faced by the national broadcaster, including a vote of no confidence passed in the managing director and the ongoing Fair Work Commission claim.

The newly appointed chair has stated that the ABC must focus on giving life and personality to its charter, aimed to represent all Australians and uphold true journalistic integrity. As the governor-general’s appointment recommendation looms, concerns from various parties have emerged, indicating that restoring the ABC’s reputation for independence and addressing the concerns about editorial decision-making should be the top priority for Williams.

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