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Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, plans to play two homecoming shows in Villa Park as a farewell to his fans. This announcement came after he shared that he would retire from touring due to health issues. According to his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s voice remains in perfect condition and, despite his previous health struggles, he is keen to do a couple of goodbye shows for his fans. These shows will be a fitting homage to Osbourne’s heritage, as they will be held in Aston Villa, where Osbourne is originally from. The legendary Black Sabbath frontman expressed gratitude and continued love for his fans and music. Although Ozzy intended to retire, he expressed determination to perform again if possible.

Summery :

– Ozzy Osbourne plans to play two homecoming shows at Villa Park
– He plans to say goodbye to his fans with two farewell shows after announcing his retirement from touring
– Ozzy is determined to perform again, despite previous cancellations due to health issues

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