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The CEO of Woolworths recently clarified that the decision not to stock Australia Day merchandise in its stores was driven by commercial concerns rather than a political statement. Bradford Banducci, the CEO, highlighted that sales of Australia Day merchandise had been declining, and the available space for such items in the store had been shrinking. He emphasized that stock is ordered well in advance, and the decision to not stock merchandise is a result of an ongoing process involving customer feedback. Criticism and calls for boycotts from media and political figures have resulted in vandalism and increased aggression toward store employees, prompting Banducci to stress the importance of respecting and supporting the store’s hardworking team.

Summery :

– Woolworths CEO denies accusations of “wokeness” after decision not to stock Australia Day merchandise
– CEO says decision was commercial, not political, due to decreasing sales and limited space in stores
– Stock is ordered 10-12 months in advance and decision was result of ongoing process involving customer feedback
– Company has faced criticism and vandalism as a result of decision
– CEO emphasizes need for better communication of decision and concern for impact on employees and customer behavior

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