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Anupamaa Takes A Surprising Turn As Biji Tries To Set Her Up With Younger Son Yashdeep

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Anupamaa has become the talk of the town on television with its intriguing storyline and fascinating characters. The show continues to hold the audience’s attention and is currently at the top of the weekly BARC ratings. Rupali Ganguly’s portrayal of the lead role and Gaurav Khanna as Anupama’s husband Anuj has been widely appreciated by the viewers.

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In the recent track, the story takes an interesting turn as Anupama goes to the US. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Biji takes Anupama to her house to celebrate Lohri and introduces her younger son Yashdeep to Anupama. The two hit it off instantly and share a good chemistry, much to Biji’s delight as she hopes for a potential alliance between the two.

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This unexpected twist in the tale marks a significant turning point in the show. Anupama is completely unaware of Biji’s intentions to set her up with Yashdeep, who comes across as a simple and down-to-earth person. This revelation leaves the audience wondering if Anupama will be able to move on in life and embrace this change.

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As the show continues to unravel dramatic and unexpected events, the viewers are left on the edge of their seats. With such gripping storytelling, Anupamaa has certainly set a high standard in the world of television. For more intriguing updates and insights into the world of television, OTT, and movies, keep following TellyChakkar.

It’s important to note that while we discuss a character’s storyline in the show, we are not targeting any actor involved. We’re simply following the track of the show and its characters.

News Summery in points:

– “Anupamaa” is currently a popular TV show in Mumbai
– The show is performing well and topping the weekly ratings
– The storyline currently revolves around Anupama going to the US
– Biji is introducing her son Yashdeep to Anupama and hopes they will like each other
– Anupama is unaware of Biji’s intentions to set her up with Yashdeep
– The show is at a turning point with this new storyline

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