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Oscar nominations and wins are always a hotly debated topic in the film industry. There are countless actors who have been snubbed by the Academy, despite delivering outstanding performances in various movies. Here’s a list of some of the greatest performers who deserved Oscar recognition, but were overlooked.

Mark Ruffalo’s breakout role in “You Can Count on Me” in 2000 earned him widespread acclaim, but he was unfortunately not nominated, despite delivering a heartfelt final monologue that left a lasting impression. Dolly de Leon’s portrayal of an undervalued Filipina maid in “Triangle of Sadness” was overlooked, even though she anchored the film with steely charisma.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in “Nightcrawler” as a sociopathic mania was a striking portrayal of the modern media landscape, yet it did not earn him an Oscar nomination for best actor. Similarly, Sally Hawkins’ role in “Happy-Go-Lucky” was vibrant and multi-faceted, but she was left out in a weak Oscars year.

Emily Blunt’s performance as the highly-strung, hapless assistant in “The Devil Wears Prada” was memorable, as was Ethan Hawke’s leading role in “First Reformed,” but both actors were not recognized by the Academy.

The list goes on with exceptional performances by Amy Adams, Sandra Hüller, Paul Giamatti, and Naomi Watts, all of whom delivered remarkable and memorable roles that went unnoticed by the Academy.

It’s clear that the entertainment industry is rich with talent, and Oscar nominations and wins don’t always accurately reflect the breadth and depth of performances that grace the big screen. It’s essential to recognize and appreciate the incredible work of actors who may not have received the recognition they deserve.

News Summery in points:

1. Many actors have been overlooked for Oscars despite their impactful performances.
2. Mark Ruffalo’s performance in You Can Count on Me should have been recognized.
3. Dolly de Leon, Emily Blunt, and Hugh Grant also delivered Oscar-worthy performances.
4. Sally Hawkins’ portrayal in Happy-Go-Lucky deserved recognition.
5. Naomi Watts’ performance in Mulholland Drive was incredibly impactful and should have been recognized.

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