Christopher Eccleston

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Christopher Eccleston, known for his roles in “Doctor Who” and “True Detective,” recently opened up about a troubling experience on set. He revealed that during a sex scene with an A-list actress, he was accused of “copping a feel,” which he described as an “abuse of power.” Eccleston expressed his anger over the incident and emphasized the importance of having an intimacy coordinator on set. Despite this negative experience, he spoke highly of his experience working with Jodie Foster on the new season of “True Detective.” Eccleston’s revelation sheds light on the need for increased awareness and protection for actors in intimate scenes, highlighting the importance of trust and respect in the industry.

Summery :

– Christopher Eccleston accused of “copping a feel” by A-list actress during a sex scene
– Eccleston describes the incident as an “abuse of power” and felt betrayed
– He believes an intimacy coordinator on set would have prevented the accusation
– Eccleston plays a police boss in “True Detective,” working with Jodie Foster
– He praises Foster and their work with an intimacy coordinator
– Eccleston believes the way people have sex is how they communicate

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