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Irish actor Paul Mescal has been making waves with his unique and advanced sense of style. From big suits to tiny shorts, Mescal knows how to make a fashion statement. Recently spotted in London, he was seen donning a classic black suit paired with a white t-shirt layered under a winter coat, finished off with white dress socks and Gucci loafers. But what really turned heads was the bold addition of a bright red knit cardigan called the Mega Shred cardigan by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. This gender-fluid piece adds a touch of colorful and haunted British weirdness to Mescal’s ensemble and showcases his ability to keep ahead of the curve in fashion. Mescal’s stylist, Felicity Kay, has attested to his great taste in fashion, proving that anyone who follows Mescal’s style combo can be a little more like him. This article was originally published by British GQ.

Summery :

– Paul Mescal has a unique sense of style and is known for wearing bold and advanced menswear.
– He was seen in London wearing a black suit, white t-shirt, and a bright red knit cardigan by Charles Jeffrey.
– The cardigan is part of the Loverboy line and features contrasting colors and stripes, adding a touch of British weirdness to the outfit.
– Mescal’s fashion formula involves classic fits with one unique and slightly weird element.
– His stylist, Felicity Kay, has stated that Mescal has great taste and consistently pushes boundaries with his fashion choices.

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