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Irish actor Paul Mescal has been making waves in the fashion world with his bold and unique sense of style. From oversized suits to tiny shorts, Mescal has proven that he can pull off any look with confidence. His recent outfit in London featured a classic black suit, white t-shirt, and winter coat, but it was elevated with a colorful Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Mega Shred Cardigan. This gender-fluid piece added a touch of British weirdness to his otherwise traditional ensemble. Mescal’s ability to seamlessly blend classic and quirky elements in his wardrobe has solidified his reputation as a style icon. His stylist, Felicity Kay, attributes his great taste to his ability to stay ahead of the fashion curve. By taking inspiration from Mescal’s signature style, fashion enthusiasts can add a touch of his unique flair to their own wardrobe.

Summery :

– Paul Mescal is known for his advanced and versatile sense of style in menswear
– He was seen wearing a black suit, white t-shirt, and winter coat with a red knit cardigan by Charles Jeffrey
– The cardigan is part of the Loverboy line and has a gender-fluid design inspired by Frankenstein’s monster
– His style is a mix of classic and weird elements, often incorporating slight changes to keep ahead of the curve
– Mescal’s stylist, Felicity Kay, credits his great taste in fashion, which can be emulated by following the same principles

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