As the UK and Ireland brace for the impact of yet another storm, meteorologists are noting that this storm season has been the most active in history. Storm Jocelyn, following quickly in the wake of Storm Isha, is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. This season has seen a record number of named storms, including Agnes, Babet, Ciarán, Debi, Fergus, Gerrit, Henk, and Isha. The increase in storm activity has sparked questions about the role of climate change, with experts suggesting that a combination of factors, including the jet stream and the impact of a warmer climate, may be contributing to the surge in storm frequency.

Summery :

– Storm Jocelyn is the second named storm within 36 hours in the UK and Ireland
– The storm season has been the most active since records began
– The jet stream is causing the active storm season, as it drives low systems across the Atlantic towards the UK
– Climate change is also playing a role, with the atmosphere holding more moisture and causing heavier rainfall
– Naming UK storms aims to improve communication of high-impact weather events, with names including scientists, meteorologists, and public suggestions

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