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The life of former New South Wales police detective Roger Rogerson was one embroiled in controversy, and it came to a close with his death at the age of 83. After being convicted and jailed for the murder of student Jamie Gao in 2016, there was another shadow cast over his infamous career. Once an established detective, Rogerson moved quickly through the ranks of the NSW police force, earning accolades and awards for high-profile cases. As charming and charismatic as he was, by the 1980s, his reputation had been tarnished. He was accused of conspiring to murder a colleague and found himself convicted of perverting the course of justice, which led to a prison sentence. He was later jailed again for lying to the Police Integrity Commission. His tumultuous life became immortalized in the ABC’s TV miniseries Blue Murder. Known for his “lifetime of, in many cases, dishonour to the NSW Police Force,” his death was seen as closure by many, including Premier Chris Minns. Rogerson’s life was a tale rife with tragedy and corruption, but with his death, it signaled the end of a dark chapter for the people of New South Wales.

Summery :

– Former New South Wales police detective Roger Rogerson has passed away at age 83.
– He was jailed in 2016 for the murder of student Jamie Gao, and had a history of controversy, including beginning his career when he was 17 and receiving multiple accolades.
– Rogerson also shot and killed bank robbers and drug dealers in the line of duty, as well as was accused and acquitted of crimes.
– His life was portrayed in the TV miniseries Blue Murder, and his death is currently being investigated.

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