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The Love Island All Stars are making headlines with revelations about the Islanders’ past relationships. The latest bombshell came from Arabella Chi, who disclosed that she and Toby Aromolaran have a history, having slept together in the past. However, this raises questions about Toby’s break up with Chloe Burrows, as it implies that this might have happened before they split up. Toby openly discussed their separation, admitting that something significant occurred resulting in a lack of trust. Meanwhile, the saga between Toby and Georgia Steel continues from where it left off, reaching out to rekindle their relationship. With all these twists and turns, it’s evident that Love Island All Stars brings amplified drama to the screen 9 pm on ITV2.

Summery :

– Love Island All Stars is bringing up past relationships and connections among the Islanders.
– Georgia Steel, Georgia Harrison, and Arabella Chi have all revealed details about their past relationships with other Islanders.
– Chloe and Toby dated from summer 2021 until autumn 2022, but split up due to trust issues.
– Toby has rekindled things with Georgia S, and Arabella has revealed that she and Toby have history dating back to summer 2022.
– Arabella’s timeline of events doesn’t seem to match up with when Toby was in a relationship with Chloe.

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