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Elon Musk, who faced criticism for sharing an antisemitic post on his social media platform X, recently visited Auschwitz and claimed that X has less antisemitic content compared to other social media platforms. Musk, however, admitted that he was unaware of the pervasive problem of antisemitism in the United States until recently.

During a conference hosted by the European Jewish Association near Auschwitz, Musk acknowledged the issue of antisemitic content on X, stating that it’s unrealistic to expect the platform to have zero antisemitism with over 600 million users. He also mentioned that X has the least amount of antisemitism compared to other major platforms but did not provide evidence for this claim.

In the wake of facing backlash for his previous posts, Musk later apologized but also made controversial statements that led to rebukes from the White House and advertisers. He has also faced criticism for allowing pro-Nazi and other conspiracy theory content to remain on X.

Despite facing pressure over his leadership of the platform, Musk visited Israel and expressed his support for the Israeli people. He acknowledged the recent surge in antisemitism in the United States and admitted his naivety regarding the issue.

Musk emphasized his vision of “free speech” for X, stating that it aims to pursue the truth while allowing controversial speech as long as it does not break the law. He also encouraged more world leaders to post on the platform and admitted to making mistakes in his past controversial posts.

Summery :

– Elon Musk visited Auschwitz and discussed the issue of antisemitism
– Musk claimed that his social media site, X, has less antisemitic content than other platforms
– He sparked controversy with an antisemitic post in November
– Musk has been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories and allowing pro-Nazi content on X
– Musk expressed support for Israel and the Jewish people
– He admitted to being naïve about the recent surge in antisemitism in the United States
– Musk defended his “free speech” vision for X and encouraged more world leaders to post on the platform
– He acknowledged making mistakes with his posts on social media.

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