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Famed economist Larry Summers publicly criticized Harvard’s leadership on Sunday regarding their approach to antisemitism on campus. Summers, a former president of Harvard, expressed his lack of confidence in the university’s ability to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for Jewish individuals and Israelis.

Summers specifically condemned the appointment of Harvard professor Derek Penslar as the co-chair of a newly-formed presidential task force on antisemitism, citing Penslar’s public minimization of the issue. This move has sparked controversy and has been met with opposition, including from hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman.

However, the American Academy for Jewish Research defended Penslar, emphasizing his expertise and reputation as a scholar. Harvard’s interim president, Alan Garber, recently announced the establishment of two presidential task forces to combat both antisemitism and Islamophobia on campus.

This ongoing situation has led to concerns about Harvard’s credibility and its ability to address and prevent instances of hate and discrimination on its campus.

Summery :

– Larry Summers criticized Harvard’s leadership over concerns about fighting antisemitism
– He slammed the selection of Derek Penslar as the co-chair of a newly-formed presidential task force on antisemitism
– Summers argued that Penslar is unsuited for the role and should step aside
– Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman also criticized Harvard’s direction
– The American Academy for Jewish Research defended Penslar, praising his scholarship and expertise
– Alan Garber, Harvard’s interim president, announced the formation of task forces to fight antisemitism and Islamophobia
– Summers directly criticized the Harvard Corporation for exacerbating Harvard’s credibility problems around antisemitism
– Harvard’s early admissions applications tumbled through November 1
– Summers expressed concern that Harvard is not making progress in countering antisemitism

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