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The largest public university system in the U.S., California State University, is experiencing a week-long strike involving more than 30,000 professors, librarians, plumbers, electricians, and other workers. The strike was initiated to protest for higher wages. The California Faculty Association, representing roughly 29,000 workers, along with 1,100 CSU skilled trades workers, went on strike after CSU officials offered a 5% pay raise, well below the 12% hike sought by the union. The strike has created disruptions in the upcoming classes and has led to a standstill in contract negotiations. The university stands firm on its stance, stating that the salary demands are not viable due to financial constraints. This strike is part of a broader trend of labor actions across different sectors in the country, with health care professionals, Hollywood actors, and auto workers also demanding better pay and working conditions. The strike at California State University adds to the growing labor activity in the U.S., following similar actions in the University of California System.

Summery :

– Over 30,000 employees at California State University are on strike for higher wages
– Negotiations for a 5% raise fell short of the 12% the union sought
– The California Faculty Association has staged walkouts and demands
– The union argues the university has the funds to increase wages, but CSU claims these funds are not accessible for that purpose
– The strike raises issues about wage increases and worker’s rights across the country

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