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The government inquiry into the tragic deaths of four divers in Trinidad has recommended that prosecutors consider filing corporate manslaughter charges against the Paria Fuel Trading Company. The divers became trapped in a pipe while performing maintenance for the state-owned fuel supplier, and the report indicates that the company made minimal effort to rescue them. This has prompted anger and criticism from the public in Trinidad and Tobago.

The commission of inquiry has condemned Paria Fuel Trading Company’s response to the incident and highlighted the lack of rescue attempts, which ultimately led to the tragic deaths of the four divers. The ordeal was recounted by a fifth diver who miraculously survived, shedding light on the harrowing experience.

The Paria Fuel Trading Company has yet to provide a response to the commission’s findings. The incident has sparked widespread concern and calls for accountability, with the hope that justice will be served for the lives lost.

Summery :

– Government inquiry recommends corporate manslaughter charges against Paria Fuel Trading Company
– Company made little or no attempt to rescue the divers
– Response to the deaths angered many in Trinidad and Tobago
– Fifth diver who survived recounted the ordeal to the commission

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