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Five former Ohio State players are set to compete in NFL conference championship games next weekend, showcasing the strong pipeline of talent that the Buckeyes program has produced. In the NFC Championship Game, a dual of Buckeyes in the trenches will take place, with a Detroit Lions offensive line featuring Taylor Decker and Jonah Jackson going up against a San Francisco 49ers defensive line headlined by Nick Bosa and Chase Young.

Unfortunately, Jackson’s participation in the game is uncertain due to a knee injury, as confirmed by Lions coach Dan Campbell. Nevertheless, the presence of multiple Buckeyes on the field will be felt, with former Ohio State long snapper Jake McQuaide also playing for the Lions.

In the AFC Championship Game, former Ohio State player Malik Harrison will represent the Baltimore Ravens, as the team faces off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the previous divisional round, each Buckeye made significant contributions to their team’s victories, with standout performances including Malik Harrison’s season-high five tackles and forced fumble, and Nick Bosa’s impressive stat line of three tackles and five quarterback hits.

While former Ohio State players have undoubtedly made an impact in the NFL playoffs, it is also essential to recognize the achievements of Buckeyes off the field. For example, C.J. Stroud, who had a strong rookie season as the Houston Texans’ quarterback, set several records and finished the season with an impressive statistical performance. Despite a disappointing end to the season, Stroud remains grateful for the experiences and accomplishments of his first year in the NFL.

The presence of former Ohio State players in the NFL playoffs highlights the program’s ability to produce top-tier talent, and their continued success on the professional stage is a testament to the caliber of athletes developed at Ohio State.

Summery :

– At least five former Ohio State players will play in NFL conference championship games next weekend
– AFC Championship Game will include only one former Ohio State player, Malik Harrison
– The NFC Championship Game will feature a battle between Buckeyes in the trenches between Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers
– Nick Bosa, Chase Young, and Jake McQuaide will play for the 49ers in the NFC Championship
– No former Ohio State players on the Kansas City Chiefs
– Former Ohio State players include Taylor Decker, Jonah Jackson, Jake McQuaide, Malik Harrison, Nick Bosa, Chase Young, C.J. Stroud
– C.J. Stroud ended his final game as a rookie grateful for all the experiences he had in his first season as a Houston Texan which included high stats
– Full stats for every former Ohio State player who played in the divisional round can be found to be viewed in the table below
– The specific stats of former Ohio State players on respective teams will be seen as well amongst the sprites.

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