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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly rejected Hamas’ conditions for ending the Gaza war in exchange for the release of hostages. He labeled Hamas’ terms as “surrender” and stated that agreeing to such conditions would jeopardize Israel’s security. Hamas had demanded the end of the war, the release of Palestinian prisoners, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza in exchange for the release of hostages. Netanyahu’s rejection of these terms comes at a time of deepening divisions within Israel’s war cabinet. War cabinet minister Gadi Eisenkot has suggested that defeating Hamas is an unrealistic aim and called for elections within months. Additionally, there is mounting pressure from the Israeli public to secure the release of captives in Gaza. Netanyahu is also facing criticism over his rejection of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the conflict continues, Netanyahu remains under scrutiny over his handling of the situation, both domestically and internationally.

Summery :

– Netanyahu rejected Hamas’ terms for an end to the war
– War cabinet divisions in Israel
– Pressure from the Israeli public to secure the release of captives held by Hamas
– Israeli citizens protesting the war’s handling
– Families of hostages demanding release
– Netanyahu’s refusal of Palestinian state placed Israel at odds with allies

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