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The Australian Open was briefly disrupted on Monday when a protester threw anti-war pamphlets onto the court during the fourth-round match between Alexander Zverev and Cameron Norrie. The papers, bearing messages such as “Free Palestine” and “While you’re watching tennis bombs are dropping on Gaza,” caused a short delay as ball kids gathered them and security escorted the protester away. Zverev went on to win the match and advance to the quarterfinals. Tennis Australia confirmed that two spectators had stopped the protester and expressed appreciation for their actions. Police detained two women in connection with the incident but released them without charge. The protest was reportedly organized by a pro-Palestinian group, and the disruption was part of a larger effort to draw attention to the Israel-Hamas war, which has resulted in a high death toll in Gaza. Despite the disruption, the event organizers have emphasized that anyone seeking to disrupt the event will be removed, and security measures are in place to ensure the safety and integrity of the tournament.


Summery :

– A protester threw papers onto an Australian Open court, delaying the match
– The papers had anti-war messages about the conflict in Palestine
– The protester was removed by security
– Two women were detained but later released without charge
– The group behind the protest claims to have disrupted multiple courts
– The Israel-Hamas war dates back to October and has caused many casualties
– The Palestinian death toll has been reported to be over 25,000

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