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The Skull Session welcomed readers with a blast – a triumphant, action-packed weekend that had the Ohio State women’s basketball team defeating No. 2 Iowa in front of 18,660 fans, setting a program attendance record. Current and former football Buckeyes were among the crowd. Ohio State football also made headlines by landing former Alabama quarterback Julian Sayin from the transfer portal, sending a clear message that they are declaring war on mediocrity and pursuing excellence. Additionally, the Ohio State athletics had monumental success across various sports, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to victory in every aspect. Alongside these achievements, the Skull Session also touched upon notable coach and player successes and shared a delightful song of the day. Overall, it was a phenomenal weekend and an exciting month for Ohio State, marked by an influx of talent and a strong drive for success in all sports.

Summery :

– Ohio State women’s basketball defeated No. 2 Iowa in front of a record-breaking crowd
– Ohio State football lands former Alabama quarterback Julian Sayin
– Ohio State athletics had unbelievable success over the weekend
– Ohio State athletics had a great week and month
– Former Ohio State women’s basketball coach Tara VanDerveer becomes the winningest coach in college basketball history
– C.J. Stroud’s record-breaking rookie season ends with a 34-10 loss to the top-seeded Baltimore Ravens
– Tim Walton is coming for Brian Hartline’s title as the best recruiter on Ryan Day’s staff
– Ohio State football honored Sports Illustrated’s death with a post featuring some of the greatest Buckeye-themed magazine covers

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