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The Russian-controlled city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine was the target of a deadly shelling on Sunday, allegedly carried out by Ukrainian forces. Russian officials reported that at least 25 people were killed and 20, including two children, were injured in the attack. The shelling targeted a market and shops in the Kirovsky district, and Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack as a “barbaric terrorist act.”

While Ukraine has denied involvement in the attack, Russia has vowed to launch an investigation and hold those responsible accountable. The incident has led to further tensions between the two countries, with Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN stating that the attack will be discussed during a UN Security Council meeting.

In a separate development, Ukraine reportedly carried out a drone attack on a Russian oil terminal near Saint Petersburg, further escalating tensions between the two nations. The successful attack on the facility is expected to complicate the enemy’s logistics, according to a Ukrainian defense source.

These recent events highlight the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with both countries engaging in military operations and retaliatory strikes. The situation remains tense, with potential for further escalation in the region.

Summery :

– Russian officials accused Ukraine of shelling a market in Donetsk, killing 25 people
– The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that it was a terrorist attack on the civilian population
– Russia vowed punishment for those involved in the attack
– Ukraine’s counteroffensive has not been successful, with Russian forces putting pressure on Ukrainian troops along the frontlines
– Ukraine reportedly carried out drone attacks on Russian facilities near Saint Petersburg
– The attack targeted Russian military logistics and was part of a new stage in Ukraine’s targeting of military facilities and oil depots.

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