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The central US is set to experience freezing rain and ice, just as the eastern US is warming up. A series of winter storms this month has left 82 people dead across 13 states, as harsh conditions have resulted in crushed individuals, trapped cars, and dangerous travel conditions. As a result, commuters from Dallas to Michigan are urged to exercise extreme caution on the roads. Up to half an inch of ice could accumulate in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri, with other regions likely to receive less ice. Parts of eastern Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley will experience rain and potential thunderstorms due to unseasonably warm temperatures. Meanwhile, heavy rain in the Gulf Coast and western portions of the Southeast poses a significant flooding threat. As for temperatures, above-average warmth is expected in the East, with daily high temperatures predicted to increase significantly. While the warm air will provide relief from the recent arctic blast, it may bring hazardous rain and flooding. Keep a watchful eye on the weather alerts and exercise caution driving in affected areas.

Summery :

– Large part of the central US facing freezing rain and ice on Monday
– Several winter storms this month leading to at least 82 deaths
– Winter weather alerts and advisories in place in multiple states
– Unseasonably warm temperatures expected in the eastern US by the end of the week
– Heavy rain expected in Gulf Coast and western Southeast through late in the week, with a threat of flooding

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