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After a thrilling victory by Ohio State’s women’s basketball team, a fan storming the court collided with Iowa’s star guard, Caitlin Clark. Thankfully, Clark did not suffer any serious injuries. After the game, Clark shared her perspective, stating that she was just trying to exit the court as quickly as possible and was blindsided by someone trying to run onto the court. The collision happened as fans poured onto the court to celebrate Ohio State’s win in front of a record attendance of 18,660 fans. Iowa’s head coach, Lisa Bluder, expressed her anger at the situation and emphasized the need for the safety of the players. Both the Ohio State athletic director and head coach issued apologies to Clark and the Iowa team for the incident. Despite the collision, Clark delivered a spectacular performance, scoring 45 points in a losing effort. The Ohio State women’s basketball team continues their season, and the incident has highlighted the need for improved security measures to prevent similar situations in the future.

Summery :

– Caitlin Clark was not seriously injured after being blindsided by a fan storming the court
– The incident occurred after Ohio State’s victory over Iowa
– Fans poured onto the court after the game, and one collided with Clark
– Clark was helped off the court by teammates and security personnel
– Lisa Bluder expressed anger at the situation postgame
– Ohio State’s athletic director Gene Smith apologized to Clark and Iowa’s head coach
– Ohio State’s head coach Kevin McGuff also apologized for the incident
– Clark scored 45 points in the game
– McGuff mentioned that the fan got onto the court quicker than security was prepared for

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