A bomb threat brought chaos to the 118 Freeway near Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, on Friday night. The incident began with the L.A. School Police officers spotting a suspect driving in the Northridge area as part of an ongoing investigation. The suspect refused to stop, leading officers on a pursuit onto the 118 Freeway. The dangerous situation intensified when the driver stopped the vehicle near the Reseda Boulevard offramp and revealed the presence of explosive devices in his vehicle during his arrest. This prompted the immediate response of a bomb squad from the Los Angeles Police Department and crews from the L.A. Fire Department.

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As a result, all eastbound lanes of the 118 Freeway near Reseda Boulevard were closed, causing traffic backups for miles as multiple patrol vehicles investigated the scene. Drivers were instructed to seek alternate routes of travel, and the situation remained tense as authorities worked to ensure the safety of all involved. The developing story will be updated as more details become available.

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For those interested in viewing footage of the scene, Sky5 coverage is available online.

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Summery :

– A bomb threat shut down the 118 Freeway near Porter Ranch on Friday night
– A suspect from an ongoing investigation refused to yield to police and led officers on a pursuit
– The suspect was eventually taken into custody and claimed to have explosive devices in his vehicle
– A bomb squad and the L.A. Fire Department responded to the scene
– All eastbound lanes of the freeway were shut down and drivers were asked to seek alternate routes
– The story is still developing and updates will be provided

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