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The Portland Trail Blazers secured a victory against the Brooklyn Nets with a score of 105-103, despite the absence of starting center Deandre Ayton, who missed his 12th consecutive game due to knee tendinitis and icy conditions in the Portland area. One day after the game, Sean Beckwith of Deadspin criticized Ayton and the entire Blazers organization for their disappointing season in an article. Beckwith expressed disbelief over Ayton’s inability to make it to work and also criticized General Manager Joe Cronin and Head Coach Chauncey Billups for the team’s poor performance.

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Beckwith’s scathing critique raises questions about the Blazers’ management, coaching, and team performance. The article has sparked a debate among fans, with some agreeing with Beckwith’s assessment while others feel it is too harsh. The Blazers’ season has indeed been tumultuous, and Beckwith’s article reflects the disillusionment of many fans and analysts regarding the team’s current state. It remains to be seen how the Blazers will respond to this critique and turn their season around.

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Summery :

– Trail Blazers defeated Brooklyn Nets without Deandre Ayton’s services
– Ayton missed game due to icy conditions in Portland area
– Sean Beckwith of Deadspin criticized Ayton and Blazers organization for disappointing season
– Beckwith expressed incredulity over Ayton’s absence
– Criticized Trail Blazers General Manager Joe Cronin and Head Coach Chauncey Billups
– Asked for reader input on whether critique was justified or went too far

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