#comment rules
#keep it clean
#turn off caps lock
#don’t threaten
#be truthful
#be nice
#be proactive
#share with us
#report link
#abusive posts
#obscene language
#vulgar language
#lewd language
#racist language
#sexually-oriented language
#eyewitness accounts
#history behind an article
#degrading language
#threats of harm
#lying about someone

When it comes to online commenting, it’s important to remember a few key rules to ensure a respectful and productive discussion. The “comment-rules” listed here serve as important guidelines for maintaining a clean and respectful online environment.

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The first rule is to “Keep it Clean,” which means avoiding any language that is obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist, or sexually-oriented. Turning off caps lock and refraining from making threats against others are also important guidelines.

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Being truthful and avoiding knowingly spreading false information is crucial for maintaining credibility and trust within the community. Furthermore, it’s important to be nice and avoid any language or behavior that is degrading to another person.

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Additionally, being proactive by reporting any abusive posts and sharing eyewitness accounts or historical information can contribute to a constructive and informative online environment.

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By following these rules, we can foster a more respectful and inclusive online community for all users.

Summery :

– Avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist, or sexually-oriented language
– Turn off caps lock
– Do not threaten or harm another person
– Be truthful
– Be nice and avoid degrading language
– Use the ‘report’ link to notify of abusive posts
– Share eyewitness accounts and article history

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