Kanye West’s New $850,000 Titanium Dentures Stir Controversy

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Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, made headlines recently when he shared on Instagram that he had replaced his natural teeth with custom titanium dentures. The $850,000 implants, created by a Beverly Hills-based dentist and a cosmetic dental technician, garnered mixed reactions from fans and the public.

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While the dentist denied that West’s natural teeth were removed, saying that he still has a full set, the controversial dental procedure has sparked comparisons to the James Bond character Jaws, who famously sported metal teeth. Some have praised West for his innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry, while others have criticized the move as excessive and unnecessary.

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This news comes as West prepares for the release of his new album, “Vultures,” on February 9, along with a reportedly forthcoming video in which he apologizes for past antisemitic comments. Whether this bold dental choice will enhance or detract from his artistic persona remains to be seen.

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Summery :

– Kanye West previously claims to have removed his teeth and replaced them with custom titanium dentures
– However, his dentist denies this and says West’s natural teeth are still intact
– People on social media have mixed reactions to West’s new dental work
– West is preparing to release a new album and has reportedly filmed a video apologizing for past antisemitic comments

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