The showrunner for True Detective season 4, Issa López, recently expressed concern over review bombing for the premiere of Night Country and requested fans to log in to Rotten Tomatoes to help offset the audience score. However, López’s complaint seemed unnecessary since the score was not even low at 69% when she initially complained. Her call for support led to an increase in the audience score to 75% before dropping back down to 69%. The show’s audience score fluctuated despite López’s efforts, indicating that the issue was not solely due to review bombing.

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It’s essential to note that the discrepancy between audience and critic scores is common, and it’s premature to judge the entire season based on the premiere. Viewers should form their opinions based on the entire series rather than the initial impressions. Furthermore, the practice of showrunners or actors petitioning fans for Rotten Tomatoes votes is contentious, as the website’s scores are influenced by a relatively small number of votes. Despite this, engaging with the audience in this way is common as they often place more trust in audience scores than critic reviews.

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Summery :

– Showrunner Issa López complained about review bombing of True Detective season 4’s premiere “Night Country” by “bros and hardcore season 1 fanboys” and asked fans to log in to Rotten Tomatoes to offset the low audience score.
– The audience score initially dropped to 69%, which López complained about, but went up to 75% after her request. However, a couple of days after the premiere, the score went back down to 69%.
– Some viewers complained that the show is “woke” and others gave it low scores for various reasons, but it is not a review bombing situation.
– The show scored a 7.7/10 on IMDB, with the most votes in the 6-10 range, suggesting it is not review bombed.
– López has not commented on the score dropping again and it is not clear if it is a review bombing situation.
– It is common for horror movies and TV shows to have low audience scores despite high critic scores.
– Showrunners and actors petitioning for Rotten Tomatoes votes may affect the score, as it only takes a small amount of votes to make a significant change.
– Asking for votes is not a great idea but may be understandable given the importance of audience scores in some people’s decision-making.

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