Viral video of the ‘Tinku Jiya’ dance in the Delhi Metro has become a talking point. It contrasting opinions on the appropriateness of such acts in public spaces. In a recent viral video circulating on social media, a young boy’s energetic dance to the tune of ‘Tinku Jiya’ inside the Delhi Metro has sparked a variety of reactions, with some expressing dismay and others finding amusement in the peculiar performance.

The video capturing a moment of spontaneous entertainment. It has stirred a conversation about the diverse experiences commuters encounter in the Delhi Metro on a daily basis. The boy donned in unconventional attire and eccentric glasses, passionately danced to the beats of the popular song ‘Tinku Jiya,’ creating a spectacle that left some onlookers taken aback.

As the video gained traction a section of viewers expressed their disapproval. It stating that such behavior could lead to calls for shutting down the Delhi Metro system. This sentiment reflects the occasional frustration of commuters who seek a more serene and orderly environment during their daily travels.

However, this incident is just one example of the diverse range of behaviors witnessed in the Delhi Metro. The bustling transportation system often becomes a stage for various acts. It ranging from eccentric performances to humorous antics, leaving commuters alternately irritated or amused.

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