The Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP) has marked a significant milestone with the successful casting of a 31-metre-long U-girder at the Devanahalli casting yard. This remarkable achievement sets a new precedent in the realm of transportation infrastructure in India, as it surpasses the previous standard of 28-metre-long U-girders used in Metro projects. Envisioned as an eco-friendly transportation system akin to the Bengaluru Metro, the BSRP aims to provide convenient and accessible transportation solutions for the growing urban population.

Minister M B Patil expressed his enthusiasm and stating, “So far, 28-metre-long U-girders have been used in Metro projects. This is the first time in the country that 31-metre-long U-girders have been used.” This achievement not only demonstrates the innovative spirit of the BSRP but also showcases the project’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of construction technology in the country.

The BSRP comprises four corridors, each serving different parts of Bengaluru. The Sampige corridor spans between Kempegowda railway station and Devanahalli. It is covering a distance of 41.4 km and featuring 15 stations.

The Mallige corridor connects Baiyappanahalli terminal to Chikkabanavara. It is spanning 25 km with 14 stations.

Parijaata extending from Kengeri to Whitefield, covers 35.52 km and includes nine stations. Lastly, the Kanaka corridor links Heelalige to Rajankunte, covering a distance of 46.24 km and featuring 19 stations.

The successful casting of a 31-metre-long, single-span U-girder for the BSRP is a noteworthy development. This longer span not only streamlines the construction process but also brings about efficiencies in the overall project timeline. The Sampige corridor alone will witness the use of 450 U-girders, contributing to the construction of an approximately 8 km viaduct from Hebbal to Yeshvantpura.

This innovative approach to using longer U-girders signifies a leap forward in construction techniques and promising a more rapid and efficient execution of the suburban rail project.

Aligned with the Bengaluru Metro’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation. BSRP emphasizes sustainability and reduced environmental impact. By providing an efficient suburban rail network the project aims to encourage more citizens to choose public transportation.

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