Delhi Per Capita Income
Delhi Per Capita Income

The significant increase in per capita income, coupled with the emphasis on social welfare and sustainable transportation, paints a picture of a city. Delhi has witnessed a significant rise in its per capita income, marking a 14% increase in the last fiscal year, as detailed in the recently published ‘Statistical Handbook-2023’.

This comprehensive document, prepared by the Department of Economics and Statistics, offers a nuanced view of the economic progress made by India’s capital city, underlining its growing prosperity amidst various challenges.

Rise in Per Capita Income of Delhi

The handbook reveals that the per capita income in Delhi escalated from Rs 3,89,529 in the fiscal year 2021-22 to Rs 4,44,768 in 2022-23. This substantial increase highlights the city’s economic resilience. It also sets it significantly above the national average per capita income of Rs 1,72,276.

Atishi Minister, a prominent political figure, emphasized the role of the Arvind Kejriwal-led government in this economic triumph. Despite facing numerous challenges the government has been successful in setting new standards in the public services sector in 2023.

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