Double-decker electric buses in Bengaluru
Double-decker electric buses in Bengaluru

Karnataka cabinet’s decision to introduce double-decker electric buses is a forward-looking move that not only embraces technological innovation but also pays homage to Bengaluru’s transport legacy.

The Karnataka state government has made a significant stride towards enhancing public transportation in Bengaluru with its recent decision to introduce 10 double-decker electric buses. This move aimed at revitalizing the city’s transport system and was announced by Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy.

It signals a return to a nostalgic era of double-decker buses and once a common sight in Bengaluru, now reimagined for the modern age with an electric twist.

Bengaluru’s transport landscape is set to change with the reintroduction of double-decker buses. It is a nod to the city’s historical transport heritage. The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is actively working to bring this vision to life.

At present, the BMTC operates a fleet of 390 electric buses. This fleet comprises 90 non-air-conditioned midi buses, about 9 meters in length, provided by JBM-NTPC, and 300 longer 12-meter buses supplied by Switch Mobility Ltd.

The induction of double-decker electric buses is an extension of the city’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation.

The Karnataka cabinet’s approval for operating 10 double-decker electric buses in Bengaluru is a testament to the state’s proactive approach towards environmental sustainability and urban mobility solutions.

This decision is a significant step in reducing the carbon footprint of the city’s public transport system while addressing the increasing demand for efficient and reliable transit options.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy has highlighted plans for these buses to ply on five routes across the city, specifically chosen for their high traffic density. This strategy aims to maximize the utility and efficiency of the double-decker buses. The choice of routes is also indicative of a targeted approach to alleviate traffic congestion in the most affected areas.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, while inaugurating 100 electric buses last month, announced an ambitious plan to expand the city’s electric bus fleet to 1,400 by April 2024.

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