‘Link History’ feature on Facebook’s mobile app provides users with an added layer of customization for their browsing experience within the app. Social media giant has recently introduced a new feature called ‘Link History’ on its mobile app.

This feature is designed to track and save the websites users have visited using the Facebook app in the last 30 days. Given the increasing concerns around digital privacy, it’s important to note that ‘Link History’ is an optional feature, allowing users the flexibility to enable or disable it based on their preferences.

The introduction of ‘Link History’ aligns with Facebook’s efforts to enhance user experience and provide more control over their digital footprint. This feature is similar to the one already available on the Instagram mobile app which is also owned by Meta Facebook’s parent company.

The feature is now available on the Facebook app for both iOS and Android devices and is being rolled out globally in phases. This gradual introduction allows users across different regions to access and utilize the feature at their convenience.

For those interested in utilizing or disabling this feature the process is straightforward. To access the ‘Link History’ settings users need to open any link within the Facebook mobile app.

This action launches the Facebook mobile browser. From there, users can tap the three-dot menu located at the bottom right of the screen and select ‘Browser settings’.

In this section, there’s a toggle for the ‘Link History’ feature. By hitting this toggle, users can easily turn the feature on or off. It’s essential to confirm the choice to ensure the settings are applied.

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